Tussock Sedge Farm is located on State IMG_2428Route 113 near the village of Blooming Glen in Upper Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The farm is owned and run by Henry and Charlotte Rosenberger.



A few facts about the farm are:

    • The farm consists of 552 acres in multiple tracts that surround the village of Blooming Glen. In 2001, we preserved more than half of the farm (284 acres) permanently as open space in the Bucks County Farmland Preservation Program. We protected an additional 140 acres in 2007.
    • Our primary focus at Tussock Sedge Farm is producing exceptionally tasteful finished beef through rotational grazing.  During the winter months, the finishing cattle are fed haylage and dry hay to support proper growth.
    • Our conservation goals are maximizing forage growth with natural manure and compost, improving grasses and controlling weeds by high density grazing. We do this by: — Rotating the cattle every 1-3 days to a  new grass paddock — Providing natural nitrogen to the soil through legumes of clover and alfalfa — Eliminating the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers on our fields — Protecting the soil with field terracing, pipe outlets and fencing along streams.
    • Eighty four acres of Tussock Sedge Farm are in a Forrest Stewardship Program written and approved in 2009 to manage the woodlots on a 130 year cycle of growth and harvest.
    • Wildlife is abundant around the farm:  deer, fox, coyote, blue heron, blue birds, wild turkey, red tailed hawks and other species are common.  The wetlands are only mowed once a year to control weeds, and this is done only after the meadow nesting of birds is completed.
    • Blooming Glen Farm CSA, with farmers Tom Murpha and Tricia Borneman, resides on 32 acres of our farm, and began in 2006.