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1 Dozen Truly Pasture Raised Eggs - Corn AND Soy Free

1 Dozen Truly Pasture Raised Eggs - Corn AND Soy Free

Corn and Soy Free. Limited availability!
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Eggs from pasture raised hens that are never fed antibiotics, hormones, or GMO's. We're thrilled to begin sourcing additional eggs from our friends, just a few minutes up the road, at Like A Mustard Seed Farm. Kevin and Kristin, along with their 3 young children, created Like A Mustard Seed Farm in 2020 and are embracing Regenerative Agriculture through pasture based farming. Their flock of organically managed, corn and soy free heritage breed chickens lay the most beautiful eggs, with shell colors ranging from pastel blue to light green, deep tan to chocolate brown. As gorgeous as they are on the outside, these nutrient dense eggs have vibrant orange colored yolks from the beta carotene rich grass the hens consume. 

Like any other farm we partner with, Kevin and Kristin meet our rigorous standards for animal care including living on pasture and consuming only organic, non-GMO, corn and soy free, supplemental feed. These are eggs you can trust.