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80/20 Ground Beef

80/20 Ground Beef

1 lb packages. An 80/20 blend. The most versatile Ground Beef option.
$11.44 /lb.
Avg. 1 lb.

Our Ground Beef is like no other you've tasted - dry-aged to perfection, grass-fed and pasture raised with no grains or GMOs ever.

It will taste wonderful in recipes or just hand-shaped into patties with simple salt and pepper.  This is the most versatile meat and one that should always be stocked in your freezer.  While considered a humble ingredient, our Ground Beef is what we recommend for anyone new to eating truly grass fed and pasture raised meat.  The flavor difference of this versus mass produced meat can only be understood once you've tasted it for the first time.  

We grind to an 80% lean product that is the perfect balance of fat for amazing flavor.