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Mangalitsa Bacon, Extra Fatty, Uncured & Smoked - 4 pounds (1lb ea)

Mangalitsa Bacon, Extra Fatty, Uncured & Smoked - 4 pounds (1lb ea)

4 lbs of our favorite, extra fatty bacon (in 1 lb packages)!
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Mangalitsa pigs are a heritage breed, specifically raised for their amazing fat. It is buttery soft and renders at even lower temperatures than regular pork. While the meat yield is lower than other pork, the flavor more than makes up for it. Make sure you save ALL of the fat that renders off into the pan. We pour ours into mason jars, then store in the refrigerator for use in all of our cooking and seasoning.

This is the holy grail of 100% pasture raised pork.  It's one of the reasons why we starting raising pigs on our pastures. Not kidding....our family LOVES bacon and we couldn't find anyone who was raising pigs in a similar manner to how we raise our cows. So we started a new farm venture. Our Bacon is uncured, smoked, and thick cut. No added nitrates or nitrites. We've consistently been told by our customers that this is the best bacon they've EVER had! Now that's some praise. 

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