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Ginger Root Tea

Ginger Root Tea

Organic | Pyramid Sachets | 15 ct. | Herbal (Caffeine Free)

“Everything good is found in ginger,” states an old Indian proverb. This tea has real heat! Beautifully big chunks of ginger root produce a bright yellow elixir that will call your name. It can be quite spicy - a little goes a long way.  Researchers say that ginger tea helps the body absorb nutrients, aids in digestion, helps manage glucose levels, improves blood circulation, reduces inflammation and relieves stress. Add honey and lemon for a delicious experience.

Caffeine free.  Made from simple and pure ingredients - with no added oils or flavors.



1 teaspoon of loose leaf tea or 1 sachet per 12 oz. of water

Water Temperature


Steep Time

5-7 minutes

Taste and adjust to your preferred strength. Enjoy magic in your cup.

A note about our sachet packaging: our pyramid sachets are compostable in a composting facility and the inner bags that they come in are certified backyard compostable.


organic ginger root cut