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Tussock Sedge Farm

Regenerative Agriculture through pasture based farming

| 100% grass fed & grass finished Beef and Lamb |
| 100% pasture-raised Pork and Chicken |

Always Non-GMO, Soy Free, Corn Free, Antibiotic Free, Hormone Free, and Humanely Raised.

Your local source for pasture raised foods you can eat with confidence. This is beyond organic and beyond grass fed. This is food you can trust from our family farm, not a factory. Come ask questions, have a look around, and meet the farmers growing your food.

It's easy to shop our store! Here's how it works:

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Create a free account and fill the shopping cart with your favorite 100% grass fed and pasture raised foods.

2 Pick-Up

When we've finished packing your order, stop by the farm any day of the week to pick it up. The self serve order pick up area is open 7 days, 8am-8pm.

3 Enjoy

Enjoy the true nourishment and healing that comes from eating local, sustainably raised foods.

What our community is saying!

Despite being a customer for just a few months, my first few orders have solidified my decision to purchase from this farm as long as I can. I absolutely love the sampler box because it gives me a chance to experience a variety of cuts that I may not have otherwise purchased. Everything I have had so far is full of flavor, tender, and easily the best meat I have ever eaten. I am so thankful I found Tussock Sedge Farm. As an added bonus, their website is extremely user friendly and their customer service is exceptional.
Chris Caputo from Bethlehem, PA
There really is no comparison here to anywhere else. The BEST quality meat, pork and chicken I've ever tasted. The pork in particular blew me away when I tried it for the first time. Incredibly flavorful, it was like eating pork for the first time. Chicken was beautiful also, very juicy and tasty as well.
Brett Heckle from Sellersville, PA
Tussock Sedge Farm is incredible! The farm itself is so well-kept and the animals are treated with so much kindness! The meat is absolutely incredible. You can truly taste the difference between their meat and general grocery store meat. Tonya & Sean are such kind people as well! If you are deciding on a farm to buy your meat from, look no further!
Danielle Levin from Bucks County, PA