Tussock Sedge Hours



Tussock Sedge Farm sits on 550 beautiful, preserved acres in Bucks County, PA. We raise 100% grass-fed and finished Red Angus beef cattle. We don’t use herbicides or pesticides on our pastureland or hay fields, and we don’t feed growth hormones or antibiotics in care for our cattle.

We pride ourselves in the love and stewardship of the land and raising exceptional grass-fed beef. All of our 100% grass fed beef is dry-aged for tenderness and increased flavor. Our butcher cuts, vacuum packs, and flash freezes each cut separately for freshness. This packing also allows for sous vide cooking. We sell our beef to local restaurants in Bucks County, wholesale to national retailers like CrowdCow, and in our Farm Store in Blooming Glen, PA.

At Tussock Sedge Farm, we believe the only way to guarantee that the beef you are buying is raised on 100% grasses and cared for well is to see the farm and know the farmer that grew it. When you come to the Farm Store, our fields and farms are laid out around it. Our herds are grazing in the pastures there. If you have a question about our practices, write or call us. We welcome hearing from you.

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