Our 100% Grass Fed & Grass Finished Beef and Lamb were just fully restocked!

Our favorite cooking fats are back - Kettle Rendered Pastured Pork Lard and 100% Grass Fed Beef Tallow are both restocked!

Heavy Cream from 100% grass fed A2/A2 cows is here! πŸ₯›

πŸ₯› NEW! Now offering Raw Milk from pasture raised goats, in addition to our very popular 100% Grass Fed A2/A2 Raw Cow Milk!

Locally Roasted Organic Coffee & Hand Curated Teas

From our friends at Homestead Coffee Roasters in Upper Black Eddy, PA -- a family owned roastery that finds the best sustainable coffees in the world while developing strong relationships with the farmers.

ABOUT THE ROASTERY: Located in a 19th Century barn alongside the scenic Pennsylvania Tow Path, just steps from the Delaware River, they’ve been roasting coffee with passion since 2006. They carefully and conscientiously source their beans, continually tasting & refining their selections to ensure they live up to the highest standards.


SMALL FARMS & COOPERATIVES: All of our coffee comes from individual small farm owners. This helps farmers feel a special pride in their crop, and allow them to know its value is being appreciated. This allows us to pay a much better premium for each coffee, as the quality level is far above commodity level coffees. We purchase well above Fair Trade prices, so farmers are compensated at the upper tier of free market prices. Year over year, relationships like these help tremendous growth and optimism spread in many areas.

Whole Bean Coffee: Arise

Sweet & Robust | Medium Roast | Notes of Walnut, Chocolate, & Cherries

Whole Bean Coffee: Black Eddy's Darkness

Dark & Bold | French Roast | Notes of Smoky Chocolate

Whole Bean Coffee: Sumatra Takengon

Low Acidity | Dark Roast | Notes of Cardamom & Chocolate

Elderberry Chai Tea

Immune support and amazing taste!

Tea: Organic Masala Chai

Pyramid Sachets | 15 ct.

Tea: Organic Mountain Chai (Caffeine Free)

Pyramid Sachets | 15 ct. | Herbal Tea

Tea: Organic Ginger Root (Caffeine Free)

Pyramid Sachets | 15 ct. | Herbal Tea