Our 100% Grass Fed & Grass Finished Beef and Lamb were just fully restocked!

Our favorite cooking fats are back - Kettle Rendered Pastured Pork Lard and 100% Grass Fed Beef Tallow are both restocked!

Heavy Cream from 100% grass fed A2/A2 cows is here! 🥛

🥛 NEW! Now offering Raw Milk from pasture raised goats, in addition to our very popular 100% Grass Fed A2/A2 Raw Cow Milk!

Cooking Fats and Spice Rubs

Do not be afraid of fat! These types of fats have been used for thousands of years and are actually good for your health, plus they make food taste amazing. Use for baking, sautéing, frying, and more.

Kettle-Rendered Grass Fed Beef Tallow

Hand crafted in small batches. A traditional cooking fat. 1 lb
$5.00 savings
$15.99 $10.99

Kettle-Rendered Pastured Pork Lard

Hand crafted in small batches. Full of Vitamin D! 1 lb

Organic 15 Spice BBQ Rub - aka "Magic Dust"

A custom blend with the perfect balance of salt, smoke, heat, and sweet / 8 oz jar