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Sean's "Magic Rub" - 15 spice BBQ Dust

Sean's "Magic Rub" - 15 spice BBQ Dust

A custom blend with the perfect balance of salt, smoke, heat, and sweet / 8 oz jar

A long time favorite around here, this secret recipe dry rub is slightly smoky and is produced with the absolute highest quality ingredients including Redmond Sea Salt and 100% organic spices.

We developed this recipe a number of years ago and love it so much that we haven't changed a thing. An incredibly flavorful, custom blend of Redmond Sea Salt and 17 other 100% organic, non-irradiated spices that work especially well with our pork, chicken, seafood, and more! This dry rub is slightly smoky with just a hint of heat and sweetness.


Redmond Sea Salt, our own Organic 15 Spice Blend (non-irradiated), Organic Garlic, Organic Onion, Organic Coconut Palm Sugar