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Kettle-Rendered Grass Fed Beef Tallow

Kettle-Rendered Grass Fed Beef Tallow

Hand crafted in small batches. A traditional cooking fat. 1 lb

The MORE you buy the MORE you save!

Along with bone broth and organ meat, beef tallow is quickly becoming recognized as a true health food. But what exactly is it? It's nothing more than rendered beef suet, which is the purest fat from a cow, located around the kidneys and loin. Rendering is a simple, but time consuming (and messy) process. We first grind the beef suet into tiny pieces, then add to a large pot and heat very gently over low heat until all of the fat is liquid. These small batches are then triple strained before being poured into containers for cooling.


You can use beef tallow to cook anything that you like…french fries, chicken, seafood, eggs, and of course, steak and hamburgers. Tallow is also great for deep frying and high temperature cooking because it has a high smoke point. If it is kept in a sealed airtight container then it won’t need to be refrigerated, unlike suet. Keeping it on the counter also ensures that it will remain soft - it will be VERY hard if refrigerated. Tallow also makes amazing lotions and creams.

Don't fear fat! Animal fats are what our ancestors ate for 1000's of years, long before heavily processed "vegetable" oils came along that are produced in factories through terrible chemical laden processes.