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1 Dozen - Corn & Soy Free Duck Eggs

1 Dozen - Corn & Soy Free Duck Eggs

From pasture raised ducks
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More nutrient rich than chicken eggs!

Duck eggs are far superior to chicken eggs in many ways. First, they are larger and have a higher protein and fat content, making them excellent for baking, creating fluffier and richer baked goods. In most recipes, substitute 2 duck eggs for every 3 chicken eggs. Compared to chicken eggs, duck eggs have 6 times as much Vitamin D, 2 times the Vitamin A, more Vitamin K2, and 5 times the Vitamin B. Additionally, many people who have allergies or sensitivities to chicken eggs find that they are able to digest duck eggs with no trouble at all.

In our household, we often like to mix duck eggs and chicken eggs together when making scrambled eggs, quiche, egg tarts, and more! It creates a lovely texture and delicious flavor!