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Beef Sausage Sampler

Beef Sausage Sampler

3 pounds | 3 varieties | Perfect for a Sausage Board
Build your own Sausage Board!
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Build your own Sausage Board!  Perfect for warm weather gatherings.

You've heard of charcuterie boards, but there's a warm weather trend, and it's one we've been doing for years without knowing it.  Rather than serve just one sausage variety, we will often cook a few different types to have varied flavors and serve it on a cutting board for people to sample each and build their own plate.  

How to build your own Sausage Board:

  • ✅ A mix of sausage flavors, sliced into smaller pieces (after cooking) so your guests can mix and match.  You could also add some Hot Dogs, Kielbasa, Pork Apple Sausage, or even Ring Bologna (which tastes delicious when warmed)
  • ✅ A few different types of pickles or fermented veggies (Sauerkraut, Curtido, Ginger Carrots, etc.)
  • ✅ An assortment of mustards
  • ✅ Different bun types if desired (pretzel, brioche, etc.)
  • ✅ Different chips and crackers if desired
  • ✅ Various types of grilled veggies (summer squash, zuchini, peppers, tomatoes, onions, etc.)
  • ✅ Various types of grilled fruits (pineapple, peach, melon, pear, apple, banana, etc.)
  • ✅ Any type of raw cheese (remember to serve it at room temperature...that's how it tastes best!)

Note:  When cooking beef sausage, do NOT overcook.  You want the links to become just slightly firm.  Overcooking the sausage will dry it out.  We typically sear the links quickly on each side over medium heat, then finish covered over low heat until just slightly firm.  A cast iron pan works best for this.  Use tongs to flip - do not pierce or you'll lose juice and flavor.