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Whole Bean Coffee:  Winter Roast '23  (in a collectible tin)

Whole Bean Coffee: Winter Roast '23 (in a collectible tin)

Smooth & Chocolaty | Medium Roast | Grown on volcanic slopes
Limited availability! Packaged in a beautiful collectible tin.
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A few notes from our friends at Homestead Coffee Roasters. A family owned, local roaster that sources the best sustainable coffees in the world while developing strong relationships with the farmers.

Our 9th annual Winter Roast! Grown on the slopes of the Inerie Volcano, on the island of Flores, this coffee has a smooth, fuller body and a deep, chocolaty sweetness. Roasted on the darker side of medium.


Flores, Indonesia




Catimor, Timor, Typica


Wet Hulled

Medium / Dark Roast

On the darker side of medium, this roast is crafted to bring forward a smooth, fuller body with low acidity and the perfect amount of sweetness.