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Beef Shank Roast (with Marrow)

Beef Shank Roast (with Marrow)

Amazing soups, stews, or tacos!
$11.99 /lb.
Avg. 1.5 lb.

Rich and flavorful, this is one of our favorite comfort foods. As an added bonus, the marrow bone is FULL of incredible nutrients.

It's said that the hard working parts of an animal have the most flavor. We definitely think that's the case with Beef Shank. While it needs to be prepared "low and slow", once done the meat is fork tender and oh so flavorful. What's more, the marrow adds a huge dose of nourishment and deliciousness. We utilize Beef Shank often, using the pull apart meat for everything from tacos to soups. And if you're looking to make the absolute best beef soup ever, cook some beef shank in the broth for the full duration and you'll be amazed by the results.  

Place Beef Shank pieces into the crockpot or instant pot, cover with water, add your favorite spices, and cook until fork tender.  Remove the silver skin that surrounds each piece before shredding with a fork.  Use it all as a base for soup or simply enjoy a bowl of the meat with a mug of the bone broth created during the cooking process.  This will surely warm you on those cold winter days!