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Beef Shank Roast - Osso Buco (with Marrow)

Beef Shank Roast - Osso Buco (with Marrow)

Makes amazing soups and stews! 1 per pack
$9.99/lb. Avg. 1.5lb .
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Our favorite cut for making soups and stews in the winter or tacos in the summer.  Cut 2" thick, each piece has a marrow bone in the middle surrounded by meat that becomes incredibly tender after slow cooking.  Place Beef Shank pieces into the crockpot or instant pot, cover with water, add your favorite spices, and cook until fork tender.  Remove the silver skin that surrounds each piece before shredding with a fork.  Use it all as a base for soup or simply enjoy a bowl of the meat with a mug of the bone broth created during the cooking process.  This will surely warm you on those cold winter days!