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Beef Short Ribs - English Style

Beef Short Ribs - English Style

Perfect for slow cooking, braising, or smoking

Rich and delicious! Buttery soft meat and fat

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Avg. 2.5 lb.

The ULTIMATE comfort food! Rich and delicious.

These check all of the boxes....tender meat, buttery soft fat, and flavor rich bones. Braised, roasted, smoked, or slow cooked - Short Ribs never disappoint and always provide a moment of indulgence at meal time. Because our beef is 100% grass fed, the fat is both nourishing and healing....so dig in and ENJOY it!

Our thick cut short ribs are perfect for braising, slow cooking, or smoking and result in deliciously tender fall-apart meat.  We often prefer our Short Ribs a little sweet and salty...something like BBQ sauce or a spicy red pepper and apricot glaze. A red wine reduction works just as well.