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Corn & Soy Free Quail Eggs

Corn & Soy Free Quail Eggs

18 pack. Petite and delicate

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From pasture raised quails that are moved daily in order to provide fresh, clean forage for the small birds.  The beautiful, small speckled eggs are gathered once a day.

Typically you hear of quail eggs being served in higher-end restaurants or eateries with ethnic menus. Our family tried our first quail eggs early one spring and they were soon the most requested item at each meal.

Quail eggs taste similar to a hen egg, but contain a richer flavor that makes them seem like a delicacy.  Their smaller size makes them perfect to use as garnishes for many dishes, a healthy snack in the middle of the day (our kids' favorites), or pair them with sausage or bacon for a full meal. We love to eat them fried, hard boiled, pickled, or on top of salads and hamburgers--and the list could go on! To compare sizing, it would take probably 4 quail eggs to equal a chicken egg.