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Lamb Spare Ribs

Lamb Spare Ribs

Just like pork spare ribs, but leaner
$17.99/lb. Avg. 1 lb.
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Lamb Ribs are a leaner alternative to pork ribs with big flavor - they're delicious with or without a dipping sauce.  Like pork ribs, these can be cooked with dry heat, barbecued, or slowly braised in moist heat and finished with high heat for a crispy exterior.


Using a paper towel, grab and pull to remove the thin membrane on the bone side of the ribs.  Season with salt, pepper, and your herbs (rosemary, garlic, lemon), then roast covered in a 250 degree oven (fat side up) until the meat has started pulling away from the bones.  The ribs should already be slightly crisp, but if not, you can sear under the broiler for a couple minutes if you'd like.  Serve with your favorite sauce.