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Organ Grab Bag

Organ Grab Bag

An 8lb mixed bag with any combination of beef or pork organs (heart, kidney, liver, etc)

HUGE savings...for people or pets. :-)

Save $64.26

This grab bag, when available, includes natures most nutrient dense foods - organ meat.  The bags are packed randomly and could include heart, liver, or kidney (some or all, from beef or pork) that are not “perfect” enough for our usual standards. Items may be shaped or sized differently than usual, or perhaps have simply lost their vacuum seal. They are always incredibly delicious though, even if they have minor imperfections. You'll save more than 60% off regular retail prices!  Try grinding organs and mixing into your ground beef, chopping and incorporating into soups/stews, or simply freezing small pieces for daily eating or blending into smoothies.  Perfect for pets, too!