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Guanciale Bacon , Uncured & Smoked

Guanciale Bacon , Uncured & Smoked

A richer flavor than regular bacon. 1/2 lb pk
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An absolute delicacy, and only two small portions from each pig. Used much like Pancetta in Italian cooking, our Guanciale Bacon is made from the jowls of our 100% pasture raised pigs. Uncured and seasoned, this has a richer pork flavor, perfect for sautéing into soup, pasta, or any other meal. Or, simply pan fry it like regular bacon for a divine treat. Be sure to fry it a little longer than regular pork belly bacon - you want it to be a deep golden brown so that it's nice and crispy. 


Pork, Sea Salt, Cherry Powder, Maple Sugar, Cinnamon and Clove, Celery Juice Powder