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Pork Head - Whole

Pork Head - Whole

Makes the most INCREDIBLE pulled/chopped pork
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Looking for the most flavorful pulled pork ever?  This. Is. It.  Looking for a special occasion feast with a crowd?  This. Is. It. Roast a whole pig head in the oven at low temperature (275F) for at least 4 hours until cooked through, then increase the heat to 400F until the skin browns and crisps, before pulling all of the meat from the bones.  You'll not only have a massive bowl of shredded pork, but you'll have plenty of bones that can be cooked down for nourishing bone broth.  This is how you honor the life of the animal and show gratitude for its existence - by using every part of it.  Respect the animal from beginning to end and use every part of it from nose to tail.  

Want even more flavor?  Brine the head overnight in a mixture of water, salt, sugar, star anise, cloves, bay leaves, and garlic.