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Private Guided Tours with a Farmer - Up to 10 people

Private Guided Tours with a Farmer - Up to 10 people

Only available May through November. VERY limited - scheduled on a "first come first serve" basis.
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These private tours with one of the farmers will provide you with the unique opportunity to visit some of our pastures, get up close and personal with one of our cattle herds, learn about how and why we farm this way, and ask any question you can think of. Since our herds move every single day and have hundreds of acres available to them, we'll need to travel out into the fields. For a small group, you may either ride on one of our farm gators or pickup trucks or you may purchase the tractor wagon ride add-on ticket. (additional fee applies for the wagon ride) Alternatively, if you'd prefer, we can get closer to nature and simply walk the fields until we reach a herd.

Once the tickets are purchased, we will contact you to coordinate a day and time for the tour. Please note, there are never any tours on Sundays.

Guidelines and suggestions:

This is an active, working cattle ranch. Wear comfortable, closed toe footwear (boots are best) and clothing that you won't mind getting a little dirt on. These tours typically last at least an hour and can be scheduled Monday thru Saturday. There is absolutely no smoking allowed anywhere on our properties. Children must be supervised at all times.