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Farmer's Variety Box - Beef, Pork & Chicken - Large

Farmer's Variety Box - Beef, Pork & Chicken - Large

NEW LARGER SIZE with more budget friendly items!
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Buy in bulk to save!  This 40-45 pound box will vary in weight but will always be worth more than the price paid!  Every box is unique and the contents will vary. This box can include any of our pasture raised chicken, pork, and beef items such as:

Ground Beef

Whole Roasting Chickens

Pork Roast

Pork Chops

Beef Roast

Beef Short Ribs or Osso Buco

Ham Steak

Chicken Pieces


Hamburger Patties

Pork and/or Beef Sausage

Beef Steak

Artisan All-Beef Hot Dogs

Ground Pork

And more!