🥖 BRAND NEW Einkorn and Spelt sourdough baked goods are here!! Introductory pricing so that you can find your new favorites!

Farmers Variety Box - Large (cash or check)

Farmers Variety Box - Large (cash or check)

More than 40lbs of our favorite items!

Buy in bulk to save!  This selection of family friendly items from Tussock Sedge Farm's pastured raised Beef, Pork and Chicken will stock your freezer! This 40 pound box includes the following:

- 10 packs of Ground Beef (1 lb each)

- 2 packs of Ground Pork (1 lb each)

- 4 Thick Cut Heritage Breed Pork Chops

- Pork Shoulder Roast

- Pork Apple Sausage Links (4 large links)

- Pork Country Breakfast Sausage Links (6 links)

- Heritage breed BACON!

- Medium Roaster Chicken

- 2 packs of Chicken Drumsticks

- Chicken Thighs

- 1 pack Hamburger Patties (4 patties, 6oz ea)

- Bratwurst Sausage Links (4 large links)

- Beef Brisket

- Sirloin Steak

- 2 Ranch Steaks

- Chipped Steak

*** Substitutions will be made if we are out of typically included items however, these will always be of equal or greater value. ***