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Whole Bean Coffee:  Black Eddy's Darkness

Whole Bean Coffee: Black Eddy's Darkness

Dark & Bold | French Roast | Notes of Smoky Chocolate
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A few notes from our friends at Homestead Coffee Roasters. A family owned, local roaster that sources the best sustainable coffees in the world while developing strong relationships with the farmers.

This blend is a recipe handed down from father to son, with only minor improvements over our 16 year history. It's our biggest seller for drip coffee and still one of our personal favorites.

A blend of African and Indonesian beans, this cup is dark and bold, deeply rich, and slightly sweet with a smoky flavor to finish.


Rubengera Sector, Karongi, Rwanda








Our french roasts are crafted to bring forward rich, savory, and smoky flavors with a full-bodied, clean finish. This is a high quality coffee that is deliciously dark without any bitterness.