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Whole Heritage Breed Chicken - Small Broiler

Whole Heritage Breed Chicken - Small Broiler

2.5 to 3.5 lb average
$10.99/lb. Avg. 3lb .
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The most economical way to eat Pasture Raised Chicken!  The "Small" bird is best used for making soups, stews, or other dishes where the meat will simply be pulled off the bones.  Don't waste the bones though, make nutrient dense, immunity strengthening bone broth!  Add the bones to a pot, cover with water, add a splash of apple cider vinegar, and cook on low for 12-15 hours (stovetop or crockpot) or 2 hours of high pressure in an Instant Pot.  Strain before pouring into jars.Our favorite method of preparing these smaller chickens is the spatchcock method.  After cutting it down the back and laying it flat, roast at 375F for approximately 20-25 minutes per pound, then give it another 15 minutes in the oven for the skin to get nice and crispy.  Check for doneness with a meat thermometer before removing.  Let rest for at least 15 minutes to allow the juices to redistribute throughout.Giblets sold separately.

The best part about buying a whole chicken are the two succulent "Oysters" on the back side of the bird.  These are customarily offered to whoever cooked or carved the bird.This is how chicken is supposed to taste - fresh and full of flavor from living on lush green pastures, eating grass and clover while being moved to fresh ground every day.Giblets sold separately.