Our friends at Swiss Villa are like minded farmers who value pasture based, grass fed, regenerative agriculture. They partner with a handful of trusted local family farms who focus on raising the highest quality foods. Their primary focus is raw 100% grass fed dairy products from heritage breed cows with tested A2/A2 genetics. As fellow Mennonite farmers and Swiss descendants, their work is a direct reflection of their faith and can be seen in their good stewardship of land and animals, as well as resisting modern influences that negatively degrade farming. They feel that raising animals on pasture and with a grass based diet is how God designed it. The feedlots, antibiotics, genetically modified grains, and hormones of modern industrial farms have no place in traditional farming.

  • 100% grass fed
  • Chemical free farming - true organic practices
  • 100% A2/A2 genetics

Their raw milk and other dairy products are fully tested and regulated by the Department of Agriculture for safety. Every single batch of milk is tested to ensure safety and quality.

Your support provides a steady income stream for these farms who don't have consumer direct sales channels in place.

Swiss Villa Farms