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Half Gallon Raw Cow Milk (A2/A2) - Glass

Half Gallon Raw Cow Milk (A2/A2) - Glass

100% Grass Fed, Organically Raised Raw Jersey Cow Milk.
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This is how milk is supposed to be. 100% Raw and 100% Grass Fed.  

Glass bottles may be returned for a $2 credit.

Produced by our friends at Swiss Villa, raw milk is natures original health food and is full of beneficial proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and enzymes that would otherwise be damaged during the pasteurization and homogenization process. It contains many bioactive compounds that are proven to strengthen your immune system. Further, raw milk is an inherently safe food, as it contains many beneficial bacteria that prevent pathogens from developing in the milk.

NOTE: Stays fresh sealed for 2 weeks in the refrigerator (36 degrees). Once opened, consume within 5-7 days for peak freshness. Shake before each use to redistribute the cream which will naturally rise to the top. It will eventually begin to develop a sour taste if not consumed within a few weeks. If the taste is too strong at that point, use it for baking, cooking, smoothies...anything!