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Raw Honey & Elderberry Syrup: Raw Honey

From organically managed, chemical free hives on our own farm, our raw and unfiltered honey is as local as it gets.

Our honey has never been heated - it is 100% raw and still contains the immune boosting and allergy preventing pollen.

We locate our hives strategically near lush pastures, permanent wetlands, and protected forests, ensuring that the honeybees have many different sources of nectar: Our fields are filled with alfalfa, clover, and dandelion...our woods have many species of trees including locust, maple, tulip, pawpaw, and linden...and the wetlands have many different flowering wild plants, along with constant access to water - a critical need for bees. This varied forage creates a honey that is totally unique in taste. The aroma reminds us of a walk through our fields in the springtime. We let the bees exist in their most wild and natural state, simply acting as caretakers.

We are thankful for the support of our community and are honored
to have a "5 star" Google rating!