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Raw Cheese from Organic A2/A2 Grass Fed Milk

Hand-crafted artisanal cheese made with raw organic milk from pasture raised, 100% grass fed Jersey cows (A2/A2 genetics). The milk is never heated above 102° which is a cow's body temperature and only the highest quality sea salt is used.

A2/A2 milk has to do with the type of beta-casein protein in milk. A2/A2 milk contains 100% beta-casein protein, whereas most cows in the US produce a mix of A1 and A2 proteins. A2/A2 milk can be easier to digest, as it aligns with what we were born to drink, as human milk contains strictly A2/A2 proteins.

20oz block - Raw Mild Cheddar Cheese

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Raw Goat Cheese - Gouda

8 oz block. Creamy, slighty sweet and nutty
$1.50 savings
$10.55 $9.05

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