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100% Grass Fed Beef: Ribs

โญ Pasture Raised - Truly Grass Fed and Grass Finished. Never fed grains. โญ

No chemicals, no hormones, no vaccines, and no antibiotics.

Our cattle are raised slowly for nearly 3 years, spending their entire lives eating nothing more than grass and other pasture plants like clover, dandelion, and more.

In addition to grazing on grass, we always provide free choice access to certified organic minerals and Redmond Sea Salt.

Shop our Beef below. For more information about our cattle, scroll to the bottom of the page.

*Our meat is always vacuum sealed and flash frozen when very fresh. The is the best way for a small farm to consistently supply you with meat and have zero food waste.

Beef Baby Back Ribs

1 whole rack. Cook low & slow for fall apart ribs

$13.99 /lb.
Avg. 2.5 lb.

Beef Short Ribs - English Style

Perfect for slow cooking, braising, or smoking

Save $1.75 /lb.
$11.24 /lb.
$12.99 /lb.
Avg. 2.25 lb.

Beef Short Ribs - Whole Plate

"Dinosaur Ribs"! Perfect for the smoker

$12.99 /lb.
Avg. 10 lb.

Read more about our Pasture Raised 100% Grass Fed Beef:

We believe that animals should be raised in a way that mimics nature and ALWAYS treated with the utmost respect and care.

Our herd of 300+ Red Angus cattle are raised in their natural habitat - on lush green pastures and fields. They are rotationally grazed, never spending more than a day in the same place during each grazing cycle. On average the cattle won't regraze the same ground until at least a month has passed. This allows the pasture time to regrow and soak up nutrients.

Our cattle have free access to wholesome and nutritious food.

During the warm seasons, the cattle are free to graze hundreds of acres of grass lands. During the cooler times, they are provided access to shelter for protection from harsh weather and are supplemented with our very own farm grown organic grass hay. They always have free choice access to certified organic minerals and Redmond Sea Salt.

This is truly pasture raised 100% grass fed beef!!

When you raise healthy animals in a way that mimics nature, you create the most nutrient dense foods! We let our cattle be cattle - they're free to run wild, kick up dirt, browse lush green pastures, nap under the shade of trees, and "migrate" together as a herd through our large tracts of land. We encourage these instinctual behaviors. Happy animals that live in a low stress environment create delicious, healthy food.

Why do we raise cattle this way?

Cattle are meant to live their lives outside, eating grass and foraging for other pasture plants. Being ruminants, they are designed to consume plants only and should never be fed grain. While the commodity beef industry produces enormous quantities of beef very quickly by feeding cheap gmo grains, the cattle suffer because of it. Confined to concrete feedlots and fed a steady diet of grain, they get sick easily which is why the industry relies so heavily on the regular feeding of antibiotics to keep them alive just long enough to process. For us, this is completely unacceptable and it's why we raise our cattle in a natural, pasture based environment feeding only grass. Just like with our pork, chicken, and lamb, it takes MUCH longer to raise cattle this way and costs significantly more, but to us it's worth it. Here on our farm, it takes us DOUBLE the amount of time compared to the commercial beef industry to raise cattle, requiring us up to 3 years of grazing time out in the fields. While grass fed beef is often considered lean, that's almost always due to the animals not being raised long enough. That is not the case here on our farm! We let our cattle grow until they reach their full potential and will NEVER rush the process. We would rather have less beef available for sale than process an animal too soon. This extra time creates real beef with beautiful marbling, a deep red color, and most importantly - intense FLAVOR! We've had many customers tell us this is the best beef they've ever tasted and we couldn't agree more. We're convinced you'll feel the same way too.

We are thankful for the support of our community and are honored
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